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FunPak (n): Packaging that is Fun, Safe, and Made from plants right here in the USA.

FUN  FunPak®'s decorative shapes making the unboxing experience memorable and fun.
SAFE  FunPak® is made from a patented, non-toxic plant-based formula that is completely safe for pets and people.
COMPOSTABLE  FunPak® is too cute not to reuse, but when you're done with it, you can rinse it down your sink, flush it down the toilet, throw it in your garden, use it to craft with your kids, or toss it in the trash. Within minutes FunPak® will break down and return to the earth from which it came. Leaves no toxic substances or pollutants in your soil or waterways.

Our classic dog bone shaped Funpak - in a class by itself


Sustainability Is at the forefront of our brand values at ANISA Beauty and we love including a fun, eco-friendly element in our customer packages. The FunPak® purple packaging stars are the perfect addition to keep our products protected and secure while also being uniquely branded.

ANISA Beauty

Bree D

The FunPak® pink heart packaging is such a hit with my all natural skin care product shipments!  So often my customers will upload their unboxing videos and they are always pleasantly surprised to see the packages are not packed with paper or plastic.  They always say the presentation is amazing with this type of packing peanut! I'm forever grateful for the FunPak®! 


Kreamie's Co

Here at Sonoran Sunset Soaps Eco friendly packaging is very important to myself and my customers. FunPak® allows me to provide my customers with a fun and eco-friendly option that keeps our product's safe and protects our planet.  We love being able to customize our packaging around holidays with the hearts, stars, shamrocks, and Christmas trees. Thank you FunPak®."

Sonoran Sunset Soaps

Racinda M

Love my FunPak®. I've shipped pottery to over 40 countries now and have had no breakage. These compostable packing "peanuts" have a perfect mix of compression & resistance for my fragile products. And NO STATIC CLING ! 

Dirty Bird Pottery

Julie M

Our company, Digital Inclusion, is a computer refurbisher and one of our missions is to recycle computers to reduce the impact on our environment. FunPak® was a perfect complement to our products and provided our customers with more than green packaging, it gave them insight into our fun, yet responsible, company.


FunPak® is a safe and FUN way to package! I love that it is made from plants, certified compostable, and friendly for the environment while still coming in cool shapes (can't wait until they develop a Michigan 'M'!) FunPak® should be the "go-to" packaging solution for all businesses.

Kristin H

Whether you give an occasional gift, own a small business or ship hundreds - thousands of packages a day, FunPak® provides a memorable unboxing experience that shows you care about pets, people, and our planet.