Eco-Friendly Packing Peanuts

FunPak proudly offers shippers and receivers the unique luxury of biodegradable packing materials, which are equipped and designed to achieve full composability in a matter of days. The world of buying and selling goods is vast, but without an eco-friendly solution, we will never achieve positive green outcomes. Here at FunPak, we have just the solution to begin paving the way with eco-friendly packing peanuts. We make sending and receiving items fun with our creative designs and materials. Get the whole family involved with our pet-friendly, child-safe, non-toxic plant-based packing peanuts.

Browse our one-of-a-kind selection of biodegradable packing materials in collector-worthy shapes, including Christmas trees, shamrocks, hearts, dog bones, and shooting stars. Ready to ship in style? Contact us today to learn about our eco-friendly packing peanuts and much more.