Frequently Asked Questions

Below FAQ's are some common questions asked by our clients.

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  • Does the product smell like popcorn?

    • Our product is plant based and when in production the plant smells like fresh popcorn! However, once the product cools and hits the end of the production line it is quite odorless.
  • Since it is plant based will it attract rodents or insects?

    • No. The manufacturing process removes all traces of nutritional value from the product and keeps it from attracting pests.
  • Can I eat it?

    • Yes, you can but should you? Well, since it is not manufactured in a food grade facility and not for that purpose, it is not regulated by the FDA. Also, the manufacturing process has stripped it of any nutritional value. Although safe (non-toxic), consumption is not recommended.
  • How do I dispose of it?

    • If not intending to reuse it, we recommend donating it to a business that may reuse it for packaging. Otherwise, you may flush it down the toilet, rinse it down the drain, use it in your garden, throw it in the fire pit, or send it to a composting facility. Our product will completely break down in soil in a matter of hours.
  • How durable is it?

    • FunPak® is denser than most typical compostable, packing peanuts on the market today. Though porous, they are not hollow in the middle. Being smaller than most peanut shapes, they easily fit in and around items to completely filling the void. They are tough but gentle and will not cause any scratching.
  • Why is my box not filled completely full?

    • Boxes are filled full enough so that the product is not compressed when the top is folded down and taped. Some settling may occur in transit which would make the box seem less full on arrival.
  • How big is 0.25 cubic foot?

    • A cubic foot equals 1728 cubic inches. Our 0.25 cubic foot box is 12" x 6" x 6". When you multiply out the dimensions and divide by 1728 you get the cubic feet equivalent.

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