Funpak Our Story

NOBODY wants to get a phone call on their honeymoon, especially one saying the dog needs expensive emergency surgery. But that's exactly what happened to RNS founder Rich Daniels and his wife Stephanie in 2000. Bob, their beloved rescue pup, had eaten a packing peanut from one of their wedding gifts and it was lodged in his intestine. Without emergency surgery he would die. The newlyweds spent the rest of their honeymoon worrying about Bob and pinching pennies to cover the cost of his $5,000 operation. After Rich and Stephanie returned home, and Bob recovered, Rich set about finding a more pet, people, and planet friendly way to package and ship products.

After years of research and tinkering around with different materials, Rich formed RNS (Really Neat Stuff) Packaging and launched its first product, FunPak® compostable dog bones. From the moment the bones hit the market they drew acclaim from eco experts and business pros alike. Rich won numerous awards and soon companies like Meijer and Amazon started to sell the product directly to consumers. Other companies started shipping their own products in FunPak® because it not only kept their goods safe, but was good for the environment and popular with customers. Today, RNS Packaging is custom designing all sorts of different FunPak® shapes and colors for small and large companies.

FOUNDER/CEO Rich Daniels

“The world needed a more socially responsible void-fill product that companies would embrace and consumers would enjoy.”

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