4 Eye-Catching Small Business Packaging Ideas

4 Eye-Catching Small Business Packaging Ideas

Small businesses have the unique pleasure of spending a little more time on their packaging ideas to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind experiences. Each customer deserves to feel appreciated and thought about when they receive their package. Let’s discuss four easy ways to capture your audience’s attention and boost your retention rates.

Custom Inner Packaging

The addition of custom inner packaging can really set the tone for the consumer as they unbox their package. Depending on what they received, matching the contents with the packaging can bring a more immersive unboxing experience.

Consider custom cannabis dissolvable packing peanuts if you’re in the cannabis and CBD business. These are an excellent way to interact with your consumer in a creative fashion while also contributing to consumer-end sustainability efforts.

Samples or Small Gifts With Purchase

A free sample or small gift with purchase can benefit a small business greatly. Customers like to feel appreciated when they invest their money into your brand, and these small tokens are an excellent way to show your appreciation.

Additionally, these gifts provide an opportunity for you to highlight a featured item or a new product line and get rid of excess inventory. Regardless of the circumstances, the customers will appreciate the freebie.

Interactive Box Designs

If you’re going to send the consumer a cardboard box of any kind, consider starting the unboxing experience with an interactive design. Cardboard is recyclable, so don’t stress about the design adding to wastage. Think about your target audience and what they’re into to help home in on interactive designs that speak to their interests.

Personal Touches

Personal touches can add extra layers of customer appreciation and help earn their loyalty. These sentiments can be anything from thank you cards, unique stickers or logo tags, and well-crafted receipts.

Depending on how quickly your order processing methods are, handwritten messages can be an eye-catching packaging idea that small businesses can use to bring a sense of inclusion to their customers. Setting the handwritten card at the top of the inner packaging starts your customer’s unboxing experience with the notion that you thought about them from start to finish.

FunPak is committed to helping your business create unique packages and immersive experiences for each of your customers. Big or small, we bring custom packaging ideas to your business. Partner with us today to learn more about sustainable shipping supplies and ways to create custom consumer interactions.

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