4 Sustainable Changes for an Eco-Friendly Business

4 Sustainable Changes for an Eco-Friendly Business

As businesses evolve and expand, several changes will occur to meet consumers’ demands and wishes. Now more than ever, shifting to an eco-friendly state of mind is a top priority for many. Here are four of the most significant sustainable changes a business can make right now!

Invest in Sustainable Packaging

Making a shift in your company’s packaging efforts can reduce a significant amount of waste. This includes the things you ship to consumers, vendors, or third-party distributors and can account for a fair amount of landfill backup.

Things like biodegradable cannabis packaging can appeal to the cannabis consumer and help reduce the overall amount of plastic waste typically used in packaging. Most often, cannabis consumers value sustainable efforts, so by supporting an eco-friendly method, you can refine your brand’s message and retain customers.

Minimize Single-Use Items

Another significant effort toward a more sustainable operation is taking an inventory of all single-use items and condensing these into reusables. Think about your business’s day-to-day practices and cut corners where possible.

Things like paper towels, plastic containers, break room materials, and office supplies can all increase your waste habits. By transitioning to multi-use and reusable items and minimizing your paper products, you can boost your company’s in-house sustainable values.

Consider Donating Leftover Material

Most often, businesses will throw out leftover materials if they do not have enough storage space within a facility. However, by partnering with a nearby company or warehouse, you can donate excess materials to ease the waste contribution. Consider this partnership for all future donations and eco-friendly efforts to keep the business accountable and help the community’s sustainability plans.

Create Sustainable Brand Partnerships

In partnering with a local business for donations, consider other ways this partnership can serve your industry or community. Things like community efforts, donations, and fundraising can all contribute to an eco-friendly step in the right direction and show your customers the strides you’re making to create these changes. These efforts can support a business’s need for sustainable change while ensuring retention rates.

Making change in any business or industry is risky, but when it comes to an eco-friendly effort, there are many ways to achieve this. Keep the primary goal of sustainability in mind when proceeding with transactions, and your business will benefit greatly. Are you ready to make a change? Connect with FunPak today to learn more about our packaging plans!

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