5 Things To Do When Launching a Sustainability Program

5 Things To Do When Launching a Sustainability Program

Is your business ready to make an eco-friendly shift? There are several advantages to launching a sustainability program, but it can be challenging to know where to begin. Here, we discuss five things to do to help you implement the program and move your business toward the future.

Create an Actionable Mission Statement

The mission statement you create for this program will set the tone for its entire scope of work. Without this one piece of valuable wisdom, it can become easy to lose sight of the purpose and downplay the goals.

Create something actionable and progressive that speaks to your existing target audience, so your current customers can come along on the journey and feel like they are helping in the cause. Focus on concepts like brand identity, financial performance, and company culture, then involve the sustainability program’s initiatives to craft a bold, forward-looking statement.

Curate an Effective Strategy

Without a strategy in place, it will be challenging to track and meet goals and objectives. The primary focus is moving toward a more sustainable lifestyle and consumer, but these efforts require drive and strategic planning.

Brainstorm the most valuable sustainable facets of your business and be clear on what these initiatives mean to you. Think about all arenas, from operations to consumer-facing products to everything in between. These elements contribute to the success of your program.

Map Out Direct Goals and Objectives

Your business’s existing key performance indicators can serve as a basis for your new goals and objectives. It is advantageous to remain flexible with your plans because full sustainability cannot happen overnight, and you don’t want your consumer or brand message to get lost in the shuffle. Consider implementing benchmarks to shoot for reduced emissions and refine your short-term goals to help achieve this.

Educate Your Staff on Sustainability

The staff you currently have is there for a reason, and they will be crucial in ensuring adequate program implementation. Consider creating or hosting educational opportunities to equip them with the skills and vocabulary needed to help you achieve your objectives. After all, your staff cannot help in creating improved sustainability without full awareness and education.

Determine The Program’s Requirements in Your Existing Business

One of the most effective ways to launch a sustainability program is being honest about its requirements within your existing business model. Things like spatial awareness, waste management, an accountability spokesperson, and a high churn rate can all impact your ability to reach full sustainability. Keep these in mind, and create your program accordingly.

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