5 Tips for Creating a Unique Unboxing Experience

5 Tips for Creating a Unique Unboxing Experience

Nowadays, many want a truly one-of-a-kind experience when they open their packages. Simply sending a cardboard box and forgoing the thrill can make something really special seem lifeless. By creating unique unboxing experiences, you can provide an immersive event with thrill, adventure, and heartfelt touches. Here are five simple tips that elevate your packages from start to finish!

Invest in the Packaging Itself

It’s essential to remember that the packaging is the recipient’s first impression of the contents inside. If the exterior of the package is lifeless and dull, the entire process will lose its luster and seem less than thrilling. Investing in the packaging allows you to leave a great first impression, so don’t skimp on the small details.

The box should be of appropriate size for the contents and have enough room to provide security. Fortunately, you can still keep the contents safe while providing a fun, eye-catching touch. Using dog bone biodegradable packing peanuts is a perfect way to secure pet-themed or seasonal, Halloween-themed items. Recipients will appreciate the eco-friendly disposal process and the personal touch the packing peanuts provide.

Personal Touches Go a Long Way

Fun package protection adds a sweet touch, but you should consider adding other things to the package that make the recipient feel important. Things like handwritten notes can make the experience feel more human. Personal touches give the recipient an opportunity to engage the contents while simultaneously adding value to the giver-receiver relationship.

Place Products in an Aesthetically-Pleasing Layout

Use your packaging as an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop for the contents inside the box, ensuring the unboxing experience is photogenic and easy.

Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes and think of what it would be like to open this specific package. If it’s fussy or difficult to open and navigate, consider rearranging. Once you find the placement that suits the package contents, tightly and neatly secure it with additional packing peanuts to preserve this layout during transit.

Tell a Compelling Story

After perfecting the package and content layout, it’s time to create the experience. Tell a compelling story that speaks to the recipient. This is where you draw in your audience with your brand or ideas. For example, using biodegradable packing supplies can demonstrate your values. Your packaging can also include unique quotes on or in the box, notecards with personalized messages, or graphics that further tell the brand’s story.

Add Some Extras

Adding additional items to a package to complete the experience can become costly, so it’s essential to find budget-friendly options. You may feel that the packaging is enough to show you went the extra mile, but there are many simple ways to add to the experience.

  • Free samples
  • Exclusive coupons
  • Referral program discount cards
  • Candy (for non-branded packages)

No doubt, creating an exciting and one-of-a-kind unboxing experience can be challenging but highly effective. FunPak can help you achieve these unique events with all of your packages. We carry a wide selection of sustainable packing supplies to complete the experience. Contact us to learn more!

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